Monday, January 13, 2014

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Private jet hire is growing by 10-15 percent a year, according to CNN Money. That’s some surprising math in this economy, but the temptation is well understood.
Why hire a private jet?

No lines at the airport, comfort, luxury, flexibility and adaptation to your needs (and not the needs of the airline), time saving and plain old fun are some of the reasons for the growing popularity of private jet hire.

 But how do you hire a private jet wisely?

I’ve found a few important tips for smart private jet rental on the USA Today website, here are the best of them:

 Tip #1 – Join a Club

Join a club. Just as there are clubs that allow buyers to time-share everything from vacation homes to boats, there are clubs, called “fractional jet ownership” programs dedicated to those who need access to a private plane from time to time but do not want to own their own plane. These clubs afford the member the opportunity to book a plane with as little as only 10 hours of lead time. Other benefits include well-vetted pilots and flight crews, departure times that will not vary based on other people’s schedules, your choice of plane and the ability to come and go as you please.

Tip #2 – Charter a Plane that Fits YOUR Needs

Charter a plane or small jet for your travel needs based on the size of your group or destination. With websites such as Charter Auction, you can input your needs and requests and be rewarded with a report of six separate companies that will bid on your request. The site works much like Expedia or Hotline, where you put in your details and the site returns the companies that have what you are looking for. Six companies contact you with the details of how much it will cost to charter the plane you require. You can charter a plane for group travel, private travel or cargo.

Tip #3 – Check with a Regional Airport

Check with a regional airport for local sightseeing planes and private jets for hire. Regional airports are home to many flight schools and small airplane companies where airplanes are available to those who have a pilot’s license and would like to rent a plane; or those who would like to do some sightseeing by air and need to hire a plane with a pilot.

Tip #4 – Flight Insurance

Purchase flight insurance. If you have your pilot’s license and you want to rent a plane, you will need to bring your license and log book with you as well as proof of flight insurance. The Fixed Base Operator’s insurance that comes along with most rental agreements covers the company that owns the plane, but not the pilot. In order to be covered for anything that happens while you are at the controls, you will need to purchase your own insurance.

Tip #5 – Avoid Deadheading

Avoid deadheading. Deadheading is where your plane returns to the point of origin empty. For example, if you fly to Labadee, Haiti, with your group and you plan on staying more than a few days, you will need to send the plane back to the place it started from. The cost for this will be paid by you. You can avoid this two ways. First, you can pay for the crew to stay on at the destination by paying their hotel and expenses (cheaper than sending home an empty plane). The other way is to get the rental company to find someone who might be returning from Labadee on or about the same time you are arriving, which will mean someone else will be paying the cost of the plane to return. (Source:

I hope you find it easier now to hire a private jet!